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PgSQL4RB 2fc2

pgSQL4RB is the most affordable, easiest to learn, and most powerful RAD tool to work with multi-user databases in REALbasic Standard or Pro and offers full control over virtually all PostgreSQL features, extreme ease of use, stability, and RAW

ProxyIcon  v.1.1

ProxyIcon is a module for REALbasic that displays proxy icons in windows title bars, either from a folder item or by type and creator

QuartzField  v.1.0

QuartzField is a REALBasic plugin that provides a single-line edit field that uses Quartz text instead of

RB_Analyse  v.1.2

RB_Analyse 1.2 is a great tool that is very useful for supporting the Realbasic programmer. It shows an overview over all modules, methods, properties, windows and constants. Major Features: Listing of all modules including typeListing od all methods

SortableListbox  v.2.3

SortableListbox is a listbox subclass for REALbasic that can sort normally, numerically or by date, either ascending or descending and also preserves the selection after sorting. Main features: - Can sort a column alphanumerically (nomally). - Can

Stone Works Widget  v.1.1

LongBinaryStream is not a control, it has no user interface. LongBinaryStream is a REALbasic plugin class to access all files and it can handle files larger than 2 GB on operating system versions that support files larger than 2

SyntaxColorField  v.1.0

SyntaxColorField is a REALbasic plugin that provides an edit field for use in code editors that colourises keywords which you can specify. Supports Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste

XML Toolkit  v.2.0.2

XML Toolkit is a REALbasic plug-in for parsing and creating XML code to and from object structures. A comprehensive and customisable framework for parsing and creating XML code to and from object structures. Main features: - Fully XML 1.0 compliant.

RbApp for Mac OS  v.2.2

A platform-neutral collection of REALbasic classes that help programmers create industrial strength applications on Macintosh and Windows. Use RbGrid for a flexible, scaleable grid component with powerful programming control. Use RbChart for dynamic

Dharma Internet Cafe Management  v.1.0

A cross platform (Linux, Win32, Mac OsX) client-server internet cafe system written in RealBasic. Features include timing/billing, client management, membership, point of sale and reports. This project aim to ease administration of an internet

Golf (Cards)  v.055

This project is a RealBasic implementation of the multi-player card game

ImagePlay Effects Library  v.27

A library of 40+ picture effects (blur, sharpen, invert, and much more) for the REALbasic programming language. Language: REALbasic, Cross

OTR Graphics  v.1.0

A REALbasic class to print to screen, printer, and PDF with the same API. Created for use with On-Target Reports, this class is now under the BSD license. Also utilizes the gzip plugin provided here

RB Terminal Emulation  v.alpha.2

A gathering spot for terminal emulators written in RealBasic and specifically mud clients. As a starting point, we provide RB Terminal Emulation Suite, an extensible frame work for developing terminal emulator

SubPlay - Mac movieplayer with subtitles  v.2

Use SubPlay to look at your movies with subtitles on your Mac (Mac OS X or 9 and maybe) and it'll maybe support Windows later...SubPlay is being developed with RealBasic (download here: of the most common subtitletypes

Portablebasic  v.1.0

Compatible with REALbasic Personal Edition for Linux. Create software for all three platforms. Simple IDE smaller than REALbasic. Copy it into USB drive run everywhere.

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